safe key cutting

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 Safe key cutting

Axcess Locksmiths stock an extensive range of safe key blanks ready to be duplicated while you wait.

Sydney’s largest range of key blanks for safes key duplication.

On the spot safe key cutting in store at our Blacktown store in Sydney

Cost range from $22.00 to $66.00 depending on the type of safe key that needs to be duplicated.

Most keys are around the $33-$44.00  inc

Axcess locksmiths make keys to safes where all keys are lost, either instore or on site. Cost depends on your location and type of safe lock  and key lock.

Axcess locksmiths also stock a wide variety of safe locks including  Jackson, Ross ,Mauer and Sergeant & Greenleaf.


Huge range of  safe keys available including

  • Rifle safe keys cut
  • Pistol safe keys cut
  • Drug safe keys cut
  • Security safe keys cut
  • Cash safe keys cut
  • Mauer safe keys cut
  • Ross safe keys cut
  • Burg Wachter safe keys cut
  • Strongbox safe keys cut
  • Jackson safe keys cut
  • Double bladed pipe keys cut
  • Single blade pipe keys cut
  •  Ward keys cut
  • Sargent & Green leaf key cutting
  • Ross 700  safe keys cut
  • Ross 100 safe keys cut


CLICK HERE if you need further information regarding safe keys