CMI CD4 Strongroom Doors

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CMI CD4 Strongroom Doors

Door: Total thickness 100mm. The “Security” door provides a heavy steel front section supported by drill-resisant hardened plate over all vital lock areas, c/w two relocking devices.

Bolt work: Heavy 25mm dia. Bolts of high grade steel provide two-way locking into the specially strengthened lock chamber section at front and rear edges of the door.

Locking: A high quality one million change combination lock and a six lever pick resistant key lock.

Frame: Heavy steel frame 125x125x6mm with 125x18mm threshold plate at bottom.

Hinges: Adjustable heavy duty with hardened pins on ball bearing axis (Pre-Lubricated)

Fire Resistant: Fire pan fitted to rear of door with approved high fire resistance compound.

  • Internal release mechanism standard.
  • Door may be ordered with either left or right hand hinging.
  • Door can be manufactured to suit any size wall opening.
  • Digital combination, duress and time delay locks may be fitted as an optional extra.