$3,199.00 $2,965.00

Exterior : 630hx580wx530d

Interior : 500hx410wx345d

Shelves : 1

Weight : 580kgs

Product Description

  • Guardall KCR1 TDR commercial safe

  • High quality USA manufactured La Gard digital lock
  • Solid 32mm 4-way bolt work with 12 locking points on the door
  • Steel mesh in all 6 sides of the safe
  • Encapsulated in concrete & refractory materials making up the slab, body and door thickness all 90mm
  • Hardened steel plate covering all vital locking points
  • Secondary re-locking mechanism in case of tampering
  • Two adjustable shelves
  • Large heavy grade steel block hinges
  • Two recessed bolting points in the base of the safe for secure anchoring to any surface
  • Recommended insurable rating in an unsupported situation $200,000.00



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