Secuguard AP-534EK key cabinet

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Secuguard AP-534EK key cabinet

  • Secuguard AP-534EK key cabinet perfect for car yards, real estates agents, strata complexes, fire stations etc.
  • Three removable key panels with each panel having up to 70 key hooks
  • Carry handle and folding stand on each removable key panel
  • 245 re-usable key tags
  • 245 printed number labels for key hooks
  • Heavy duty steel safe body reinforced with steel bar all around front edges to offer you a high level of protection
  • Six solid locking bolts made of heavy duty steel
  • Quality UL listed swing bolt electronic safe lock mounted on hardened steel plate
  • Secondary re locking system
  • Emergency mechanical override (lever lock) for digital lock override lockup(lever lock mounted on hardened steel plate)
  • All locks mounted on hardened steel plate
  • Key less access to the cabinet
  • Built in safeguards against tampering  multi f  incorrect code lockout mode.
  • Dual Mode (two codes are required to open safe if needed)
  • External battery – hook on key pad. Require one 9 volt battery. Very low battery consumption
  • Metal key pad housing
  • Four 12mm holes are provided in back panel for fixing with bolts
  • Up to 245 key hooks can be placed to suit single small keys to large vehicle keys

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Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 70 × 50 × 50 cm