Lockwood 334B/45mm padlock


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Product Description

The Lockwood High Security 334 Steel Series padlocks range feature shackles designed for high security for and high corrosion applications offering added protection against attack.


Commercial and industrial applications.

Features of the 334 Series High Security Steel Case Padlocks

  • Heavy duty, solid steel case
  • High corrosion resistant 8.7mm chrome molybdenum steel alloy shackle
  • Double ball locking
  • Extended shackle models
  • Standard as latching function
  • Can be converted to deadlocking (key retained) by simply relocating the cam plate pin in the cylinder assembly

SCEC Endorsement

The 334B/45/519 model padlock is SCEC Endorsed for Intruder Resistant Areas.

Conditions of SCEC Endorsement

  • The padlock must be configured key retained
  • Must be fitted with a SCEC approved cylinder rated for the area for which it will be installed