Burg Wachter combi line CL440E

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Burg Wachter combi line CL440E

  • Burg Wachter combi line CL440E for home or office use.
  • The new BURG WATCHER safety cabinets with certification for the safe storage of documents , cash, jewelry, arms or ammunition, coins and valuables.
  • $35,000,00 cash rating
  • High quality digital input pad with time and date on display, admin and user code with audit trail feature.
  • Fire Resistance LFS 30 P according to PREN 15659 , 30 minutes fire protection for paper
  • Fire protection material according to DIN 4102
  • Composite insulation in front of the door leaf as heat protection for the lock and bolts.
  • Tested and certified protection against burglary and fire
  • Double- walled construction
  • Internal hinge protects external attacks
  • Lateral locking through strong round bolts of 25mm plus a sliding bolt on the top for extra protection against crow bars and jimmying tools.
  • All over griping rail on the hinge side for extra protect
  • Prepared for both wall and floor fixing, recessed bolt holes with supplied fire resistant caps give a neat and flush finish on the base and rear of safe.
  • Supplied with anchor bolts to suit timber, concrete or tiles
  • Colour: High quality black finish.
  • Supplied with 1 internal fully adjustable Shelf.
  • Allow 16mm for lock projection adding to the overall depth.

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Weight 77 kg
Dimensions 45 × 50 × 60 cm