Chubb Proguard 110 safes

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Chubb Proguard 110 safes

  • Chubb Proguard 110 safes are an ideal choice if your require both high fire and theft protection
  • Perfect for government ,commercial and office use.
  • Safe comes standard with 2 fully adjustable shelves

Recommended Cash Rating $100,000AUD
• Burglary protection in accordance with the European EN 1143-1
standard, as certified by ECB•S for Grade III.
• ProGuard’s special barrier material provides certified burglary
protection whilst keeping keeping the total weight of the safe down.
Less weight means lower transportation costs and greater
installation options.
• Higher level of protection can be offered in a safe with reduced
wall thickness and increased interior capacity.
• The three-way boltwork is constructed with solid steel bolts.
• For additional security, ProGuard is fitted with an active relocker
and anti-drilling plates have been incorporated into the boltwork
to withstand burglary attempts.
• Comes standard with a Pulse 10 electronic lock.
• Every model can be customised with a range of internal fittings
to maximise storage capacity. NOTE: Brackets need to be ordered
for each fitting
• ProGuard has a modern design with an ergonomic soft-touch

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Weight 340 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 90 cm