CMI RP60 Record Safes

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CMI RP60 Record Safes

CMI RP60 Record Safes offer both fire and theft protection for your business records. Economically priced, the safes feature large internal space with adjustable shelving. Available in a range of 5 standard sizes. Also can be built to specific dimensions if requested.

BODY: Total thickness 85mm. The safe body features a highly efficient fire-resistant mineral compound of extremely low heat conductivity between inner and outer walls of specially reinforced steel. A sealed expanding gasket is fitted around the entire door perimeter to resist entry of heat, smoke and water.

DOOR: Total thickness 100mm. The safes have a heavy steel plate door and frame for maximum strength, with an insulation chamber fitted to the rear. Front and rear locking bolts of 25mm diameter high grade steel provide 2-way locking into the specially strengthened lock chamber sections at front and rear edges of the door.

LOCKING: All models are provided with both a six lever pick resisting keylock and a high quality changeable three wheel combination lock. A digital lock is available at an additional.

INTERNAL FITTINGS: Models RP60, DD60 and DD72 are provided with five adjustable shelves (adjustable to any 12mm interval) while models RP42 and RP42S have three adjustable shelves.

FINISH: CMI Record Safes are supplied with an attractive durable enamel finish. Satin finish handles, locks and fascia panel complement the high quality appearance.

  • Freight, delivery and install available Australia wide
  • Quality enamel hammer tone finish inside and out including shelving.
  • Also available in Ross 700 pick resistant key lock and Sargent and Greenleaf 3 wheel combination lock.

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Weight 420 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 165 cm