Secuguard SHS1K Pistol Safes

$299.00 $239.00

Exterior : 200mmh x 260mmw x 200mmd

Mounting : 2 x 12mm mounting holes

Product Name : Phoenix Pistol

Weight : 16kgs

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Product Description


  • Built from heavy steel plate with concealed internal hinges to offer you a high level of protection.
  • Heavy 12mm steel plate door and 6mm steel plate safe body reinforced with heavy steel frame all around front edges.
  • Key lock safe: Quality Australian made six-lever pick resistant safe lock mounted on 6mm case hardened steel plate.
  • Mounting holes are provided for fixing with masonry anchors.
  • Powder coated hammer tone silver finish.
  • Australian made six-level pick resistant safe lock
  • Delivery and install Australia wide