Secuguard AP-GS2E Rifle safe

$899.00 $739.00


Exterior : 1500mmh x 350mmw x 300mmd

Weight : 76kgs

Product Description

Securguard AP-GS2E Rifle safe

LEVEL 1 & 2, CAT. A B C D
— Constructed from solid 6mm steel plate door and 3mm
steel plate body. Pry-resistant recessed door with
concealed internal hinges.
— Solid 4mm steel plate construction for separate
internal compartment with high security lever lock and
dual 20mm solid steel active locking bolts. Internal
compartment height: 210mm.
— Foam gun rack and rack for cleaning rod.
— Capacity: Holds 6 rifles.
— 8 x 32mm solid active locking bolts (top, bottom and
— Chrome plated 3 spoke door handle.
— Full internal carpet lining to walls and back of door.
— Mounting: 4 x 15mm mounting holes in back and base.
— Durable powder coated hammertone finish in metallic
Gun safe with digital lock (external)
— Quality UL listed SecuRam electronic digital safe lock
mounted on 6mm hardened steel plate.
— Universal lock footprint for easy lock conversion.
— An additional spring-loaded relocking device triggered
by force entry attempt
— Programmable master code and user code.
— Digital keypad with led top lighting for improved access
in dimly-lit locations
— Errant access lockout feature.
Gun safe with keylock (external)
— Quality Australian made pick-resistant Ross keylock
mounted on 6mm hardened steel plate.