Guardall Strongroom Door KS-SD

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Guardall Strongroom Door KS-SD

  • Guardall Strongroom Door KS-SD
  • Easily installation to new or existing building walls offering  flexibility to establish your own strongroom in your home or business
  •  Fitted standard with dual locking being a digital lock & key lock as below.
  • Digital locking: Commercial UL-Listed digital lock & keypad
  • Key locking: High security anti-pick safe key lock
  • Other optional locking features available: Digital Card Swipe Access, Multiple User with Audit Trail features, Time Delay Locking, or integration of the locking into your existing security system for full monitoring control. (Please request at the time of the order.)
  •  Designed to provide high level of protection and resistance against serious burglary attack and theft by such means as high speed grinders and drills, explosives, excessive force, crowbars, sledge hammers, and various cutting tools
  • Heavy duty solid 32mm bolt work which secures multiple locking points around the door
  • Universally hinged (left or right hand opening)
  • Adjustable frame to suit wall thickness
  • The strongroom door has an overall thickness of 110mm, incorporating a solid defensive section of 12mm thick steel plate
  •  Wall thickness range from 150mm to 230mm.
  • Packers available if wall thickness is greater than 230mm
  • Drill resistant hardened steel plates installed  to protect vital locking areas.
  • Automatic dead locking devices in the door will activate should the strongroom door be attacked
  • Secure heavy duty hinges with internal anti-pry dead bar plate to prevent excessive force or removal of the door (even if the hinges are cut through)
  • Designed for one hour fire protection
  • Emergency internal door release mechanism provided to comply with BCA regulations
  • 5 YEARS WARRANTY on the safe, 1 YEARS WARRANTY on the lock
  • Please note – depth measurement excludes handle, hinges or digital projection unless specified
  • Please note: Depth measurement does not include the handle, keypad or hinges. Please allow 55mm.
  • When ordering please state if left or right hand hinging required and existing wall thickness

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Weight 375 kg
Dimensions 125 × 220 × 350 cm