Used Lord deposit safe

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Used Lord deposit safe

  • Used Lord deposit safe, perfect for business and cash management.
  • Internal lockable compartment separates deposits from the rest of the safe with 2 keys supplied.
  • Internal key operated lockable draw, two key supplied.
  • Built from heavy steel plate door and double plate steel concrete filled body.
  • 25mm solid steel bolt work operated by external handle.
  • Fitted with quality high security Sargent and Greenleaf 3 wheel combination safe lock mounted on 6mm drill resistant case hardened steel plate.
  • Deposit safe is also fitted with high security pick resistant Ross 700 key lock. This Key lock is an independent locking system that can lock out the combination if needed.
  • Secondary re-locking device in case of external tampering.
  • Mounting:  1 x 12mm mounting pre-drilled holes in base.
  • Intern
  • Anti theft deposit door, once cash or envelopes are deposited, they are protected by a baffle behind the door to prevent removing goods.
  • Quality hammer tone finish.
  • Add 50mm to depth to allow for hinges, handle and input pad.
  • 3 months warranty on all used safes
  • Freight, delivery and installation service available Australia wide.

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