Chubb Air/Laptop/Hotel safes.

$209.00 $189.00


Exterior : 250mm H x 350mm W x 250mm D

Interior : 240mm H x 340mm W x 200mm D

Volume : 16

Weight : 11

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Product Description

  • Chubb Air/Laptop/Hotel safes.

  • Compact safe for home
  • Cash rating of $5000
  • Suitable for storage of valuables such as jewellery and cameras
  • Chubbs own programmable electronic lock
  • Steel door and body with dual plated steel moving boltwork
  • Removable shelf available
  • Key override
  • 2 user codes

*Available in Laptop and Hotel models

LAPTOP and HOTEL  200mm H x 430mm W x 350mm D $258.50 INCLUDING GST.