Chubb Grade V, Size 2 TDR Safes



Exterior : 730 x 680 x 663

Interior : 588 x 538 x 444

Product Name : Europa

Volume : 140

Weight : 645

Product Description

    Key Features
  • High quality cash safe protecting cash within an office environment with a high level of security of Grade 3 & 5
  • The Europa range is tested to EC&S and coforming to EN! 143-1
  • Passive and active relocakers are incorporated into the boltwork to resist attack.
  • Chubb safes special barrires is applied in the construction of the safe to protact against varying kinds of burglary attack.
  • Each safe can be equipped with high quality fttings to maximise storeage reequirements.
  • The europa can be customised witha choice of locking options, deposits, shelves and lockable drawer deposits in order to meet customer requirements.
  • Base fixing is standard o all models.