Chubb Omega size 1 digital Deposit Safes

$999.00 $816.00


Exterior : 455h x 340w x 380d

Interior : 212h x 328w x 308d

Volume : 24

Weight : 54

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Product Description

  • Chubb Omni deposit safe size 1

  • Body made from 6mm plate steel and door is 10mm plate steel.
  • 20mm diameter steel bolts secure the door.
  • Door bolts operate in three directions.
  • They are ideal for retail outlets operating remotely from central areas and in multi-shift. or out of hours environments where key holders are not always available.
  • An Anti-fishing device prevents deposits from being removed once deposited into the chute.
  • Comes in two lock options key and digital.
  • Deposit opening measures 80mm x 265mm x 220mm
  • Back up battery pack included.