Chubb fire file 31- 2 Dr Secure Filing 2 hour

$1,897.50 $1,749.00


Exterior : 784mmh x 551mmw x 779mmd

Interior : 290mmh x 387mmw x 604mmd

Product Name : Fire Resistant Document Protection

Volume : 139

Weight : 197kgs

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Product Description

*Chubb fire file 31- 2 Dr Secure Filing 2 hour

High quality filing cabinet storage of important documents.

* Tested and certified in accordance with the most common and well-established standard in Europe, NT Fire 017, for 2 hour’s fire protection.

* Painted in a light grey colour, electrostatics powder-coated with a glossy finish. Blends nicely into any office environment. Easy to position with small external dimensions in relation to capacity.

* The total internal height is 291mm, suitable for any file size available on the world market

* Lighter weight construction compared to other cabinets on the market, which means smoother transportation and installation.

* Steel inner lining in each drawer to protect the contents from insulation dust.

* Steel dividing plates between each drawer to avoid unauthorized individuals getting access to anything in a locked drawer via an open drawer.

* High quality steel sliders in all cabinets to ensure smooth operation and full drawer access.

* All cabinets fitted with a key lock as standard.

* The handles with integrated card-holders provide a system for labelled each drawer for easy location of stored documents.

* Profile NT60 is manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system and the ISO 14001 Eco-management system.