Yale YSM/400/EG1 Home Safes

$489.00 $437.00


Exterior : 400 x 350 x 340

Interior : 390 x 337 x 270

Product Name : Certified Safe Home

Weight : 28.8

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Product Description

Research (ASE, Consumer Research, July 2007, UK) shows that people want safes of a handy size. This is especially important for the growing numbers of individuals living in smaller, homes, where space is at a premium. Research also shows that where possible, most people prefer their safes to be bolted to the floor. All our safes take this fact into account. All are fully-lined to futher protect their contents. Because safes are most often hidden in dark corners, we’ve also included a more intuitive LCD screen that lights up when entering your PIN, and a bright interior light that comes on when you open the door.

Locking Mechanism: 22mm motorised locking bolts

6 lever mechanical override lock

Mounting solution: Pre-drilled holes with fixing bolts and protective floor pads

Interior finish: Full felt lining

Light source: LED interior lighting

Armour plating: Key areas reinforced

Accreditations/Standards: Sold Secure Silver Certification

Secure by Design Certification

Tested in accordance with EN, BSI 14450

Cash rating (refer to your insurer for details)

Additional Features

  • Extra thick body and door, reinforced with armour plated steel
  • Laser cut door, for minimal gap
  • Heavy-duty solid steel locking bolts
  • Reinforced door hinge

As a result the new Yale certified safes were awarded a Silver in the ‘Sold Secure Accreditation’

(Sold Secure, UK, 2009).