At Axcess Locksmiths we offer a wide range of new gun safes that are suitable for the storage of rifles, pistols, shotguns, ammunition, rifle bolts, and other valuables. We stock premium quality safes, including an exceptional range of gun safes. Our services also include the repair and installation of safes and security cabinets to accommodate our customer’s requirements.

With Axcess Locksmiths, you will find the most competitive safe prices along with valuable locksmith services to fulfill your security needs.

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Australia’s firearm legislation means that all firearm owners are responsible for the safe storage of guns, revolvers, rifles, arms, ammunition, and any such weapons held.

If you have children at home it is absolutely necessary to take extreme care of any guns and ammunition present. Weapons of all sorts need to be kept out of sight of children and locked securely.

At Axcess Locksmiths we offer you the most premium range of gun safes in Australia to store your weapons. Additionally, our locksmith services are available to install the gun safes securely at your home.



Qualified Consultation

Qualified locksmiths that have years of experience in recommending the right type of gun safe that perfectly align with your home specifications. We only install a safe after thoroughly assessing and reviewing all information from the client.


Expert Installers

It is completely up to you if you want to select from our range or get a customised safe for your home. Either way our expert safe installers can help you correctly install the product without any damage to your property. We ensure maximum protection in our installation work, adhering to all safety guidelines.


Tested Products

We supply only quality tested products at Axcess Locksmiths. You will find long lasting and enduring gun safes that are fire and corrosion resistant. Our installers use only high end fixtures during the installation of safes, to ensure they cannot be easily tampered with or broken.


Complete Protection

We ensure complete protection and safety of homeowners from thefts and robberies with excellent safe solutions that use sturdy fittings. Our work is of the highest standard to ensure long lasting security. Get your safes customised with controlled access solutions and alarm monitoring.


Expert Locksmiths

We have the most proficient and experienced team of locksmiths and engineers who are well trained in the latest technologies for safe installation and repair. Our hundreds of clients have showered us with the best compliments for the most professional locksmith services in Australia.


Emergency Services

Our mobile locksmith service is available 24/7. In case you need an emergency installation or safe repair, you can call our professionals at 1300 832 017. Our staff are trained to deal with all kinds of emergencies including breakage, lost keys, and safe repairs. You can also call our professionals to get consultation for the best gun safes in Australia.